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Student Projects and Training

NTHRYS offers a wide range of Project Works as well as Training Programs to life sciences students & scholars.


  • The main difference between a project work & training program is that project works are done by those candidates as part of their academic requirements. These projects are also called as minor projects, major projects, summer projects, Dissertation works, Inplant project works, Thesis works etc.,.
  • All project work candidates will have a final project report [NTHRYS provides complete assistance in making such reports] and a certification from NTHRYS. NTHRYS assisted 2500 candidates till date under such project works.


  • On the other hand Training programs are taken by those candidates who need to brush up their basics in this field or intereted to learn advanced techniques to meet certain challenges in their careers.
  • All training candidates will be provided with training material [Hard or Soft copies depending upon the category they select] and perform various live practical assignments during the training tenure and finaly gets a certification. NTHRYS has sent numerous candidates under various Training programs till date. Most important of them are those who approach to learn advanced techniques which can assist them in their abroad education in the similar fields.

Biotechnology Projects

In 2011 NTHRYS Biotech Labs has divided all projects in Biotechnology into 31 Fields for better convenience. All these 31 fields are further grouped to Five major groups [Group A, B, C, D & E Fields]. There are various topics / titles under these individual fields. Candidates can browse through these fields and select interested topic under desired duration of project work.


Please click below icon for more information regarding NTHRYS Biotechnology Project details.





FAQ: What do NTHRYS provide in the project work schedule / module?


  1. Certification Issued for all project works.
  2. Live Practical exposure to all protocols in methadology.
  3. Complete assistance in Thesis / project report making.
  4. Complete guidance for reviews in the middle of project works.
  5. [Optional] - Accommodation assistance [Lodging & Bording] for girls & Boys separately.
  6. Following Plagiarism rule for report making if required by candidates belonging to certain Universities which has such rule.
  7. Publication assistance for 5 months & above duration projects.
  8. A website profile to every candidate after completion of project work to facilitate direct project proof to placements / consultancies / feedback checking firms.



These 31 fields are grouped under 5 groups for better convenience.

Note: Each field under single group has same fee structure. Select your desired field to see more details from below mentioned list.


Note: Please use the comment box below to refer us any field which is not mentioned below



Please download Complete Biotechnology Project Information sheet
from Here PDF Download [PDF] or from Here


Biotechnology Training


NTHRYS offers a variety of Training Programs. Please refer below for a detailed list.



Biotechnology Training Programs are further classified into Technical Training Programs and Industrial Training Programs. Please click on the above icon to know more details.

BCIL Training

From past few years, NTHRYS has started providing Training for students under BCIL [Biotech Consortium India Limited] Biotech Industrial Training Programme [BITP].

All candidates who are interested to get reference letter from NTHRYS for BCIL are requested to submit their requisition to helpdesk [at] nthrys [dot] org

Note: Please do mention " Requisition for BCIL Reference" in your email subject.

For more details and application procedures please visit BCIL Website - http://www.bcil.nic.in/biotech_industrial-training.htm

For information regarding BCIL Trainin Program for 2012 - 2013 please visit this link http://bcil.nic.in/bitp2012/index.asp

Our BCIL Trainees

Existing Trainees

1. Venkata Maha Lakshmi
2. Padmavathi
3. Peruri Anusha
4. Paritala Anusha
5. Soma Shwetha
6. Shirisha


Biotechnology SummerTraining

Below mentioned fields are offerred to various interested candidates opting for Summer Training or Industrial Training or Inplant Training

1. Immunotechnology Training -  PDF Download
2. Molecular Biology Training
3. Fermentation Technology Training
4. Plant Tissue Culturing Training
5. Biopesticide Production Training
6. Biofertilizer Production Training
7. Gene Cloning & Genetical Engineering Training

Please use the below commnet box to post your queries or doubts regarding these above training slots






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